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Fort York Brasillia
Black Peruvian Sow
Fort York Cobbinshaw x Fort York Windsong

Brasillia is one of our 2003 spring babies, we wanted to coat her out and place her full sibling Cober but she decided she didn't much like the show aspect and chewed off her side wrapper and now in the community cage where she is much more happy :0)
Brasillia has very nice density, good size and her depth of color is incredible passed down from both parents we look forward to her first litters arriving winter 2003 sired by Fort York Felony

july03_brasillia.jpg (29979 bytes)

Sire: Fort York Cobbinshaw
Black Peruvian
Fort York Matheson
Himalayan  Peruvian 
Fort York Brasillia
Black Peruvian
Dam:Fort York Windsong
Black Peruvian
Fort York Copperfield
Black Peruvian
COTM's Nessi
Himalayan Peruvian 



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