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Drip Buster

Photo's courtesy of Fort York and BlueMoon Cavies !

Do you have the automatic watering system or water bottles ? this drip buster can be used for either, the purpose is to eliminate those pesky water drainers who like to play with the nozzles and  unwanted drips from the nozzles from falling into the bedding making the cage a soppy mess and than the cage requiring to be cleaned every couple of days, using this inexpensive drip buster creation you can eliminate this soppy mess and provide a nice dry bedding which lasts much longer than before.

What is Needed !

  • Wire Cutters

  • Funnel (small gas funnel or kitchen funnel)

  • tubing to fit over end of funnel

  • Twist ties to attach funnel to cage

  • bucket to catch drips

Getting Started

First you need to measure the funnel to where you are planning to place it, once you've measured the spot you need to begin cutting the wire. see examples below of two different cuts to fit two different sizes funnels.

dripbuster_wirecutting.jpg (60450 bytes)

P1010059.JPG (60359 bytes)

Next step is to attach the funnel to the opening, if your using the automatic watering system you may or may not need to cut the funnel to allow room for the tubing or you may be able to place the funnel underneath and not touching the tubing at all, below are two examples of needing to cut the funnel to allow the tubing from the nozzle to sit and where the tubing sits above, whichever works best for you, if your using water bottles just adjust them above the funnel.

dripbuster_funnel.jpg (86492 bytes)

dripbuster_funnel2.jpg (45148 bytes)

P1010060.JPG (52354 bytes)

P1010061.JPG (55628 bytes) P1010062.JPG (58748 bytes)

You can use any size or type of funnel, my personal favorite are the black gas /oil funnels as they are sturdy and sit nice and flush against the cage side and have a large enough hole that everything will just fall through

Below are photo's of the completed drip buster set-up, the tubing from the top cage sits in the bottom funnel and so on down and the one tube from the bottom cage than goes into the bucket where all the excess water drips are deposited thus providing a much more dry accommodation for your cavies

aug03_dripbuster.jpg (35944 bytes)

aug03_dripbuster2.jpg (46128 bytes)

P1010063.JPG (56983 bytes)

 P1010064.JPG (58622 bytes)





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