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We began breeding Himalayan Peruvians December 1999, we will outline below our findings and breedings that resulted in what we have begun to achieve spring 2001, we are still working on this striking variety so more will be added to this article as we continue with our breedings.

Himalayan Peruvians, the beginning of a new venture !! when we embarked on this new variety within our caviary we never dreamed how much we would come to enjoy working with them, and than never realized how difficult it would be to get started with producing them. Himalayan longhairs are or at the time were difficult to find, we were very lucky to of landed on a wonderful Black Peruvian boar that had Himi in his background but had no himalayan or Himalayan carrier sows so the search began, with my friend Heather's expertise in the Genetics field I fell upon two REW Peruvian sows I had, since REW's genetically can be "ca" HImalayan's are also "ca" so there was a good possiblity of pulling out Himi's in the first generation, which I achieved, I recieved from this first pairing a REW boar and two Himi Peruvian sows, there points were a bit light but they were a start.

Eventually from  lots of searching and a lot of good luck we were able to pick up a pair of Himalayan Peruvians, this pair along with what I already had to begin with became the foundation of our Himalayan's and Black's that we have today, they still have a long way to go but we have achieved more than we had expected in such a short time.

Preferred Breedings !!!

Breeding strictly Himalayan to Himalayan is preferred, if you already have the dark points and the nice density and texture you want, in our case we are achieving really good dark points, and feel strongly that using nice deep blacks with our Himi's helps to keep the points jet black , we try to avoid using any faded blacks, broken coloured cavies or any Himi's with missing points, we do use Himi's with light points as long as they have all their points, this is one thing I must stress eventhou the animal has good points and good density if you keep one back that is missing its points this could and will constantly show up in the breeding program and is nonshowable so I do not use even in my breeding program they are usually sold as pets.

Himalayan Babies !!

Day 1 the baby himi resembles a white peruvian, a baby that exhibits darkening of the feet and ear rims by 2-3 days is very promising and from my working with them turn out to have nice dark points as adults, but again each baby is different.
The majority of the Himi's I have born, you can determine their points to all be present by weaning age, there will be a hint of a smutt happening, feet and ears will begin to turn black these are the ones you should consider holding back and watch how they mature, again any missing points do not keep for your breeding program.

Temperature ?? Does it play a Role

Some breeders may disagree with this, this is just from my experiences of working with the Himalayan peruvian, many people believe or feel that Himalayan's should be kept in cooler climates, more so than other varieties to enhance the points on the HImi, as the points are known as Temperature guages. This may in fact be true that the Himi is Temperature sensitive but all my cavies are kept at a constant temperature of 70 degrees and I have a few that have such black points that I feel that genetics plays an important part as well.


Himi Growth Chart (Regarding points)
Constant temperature of 70 Degrees
Below are some photo's of our favorite and best himi's residing here, Fort York Ellesmere and her son Fort York Chestermere

july02_yeremi2.jpg (26731 bytes)
10 days points of ears and foot pads, smut coming in

0947 Peruvian Himalayan Jr sow-Tracy Corbeil.JPG (17251 bytes)

5 weeks all points are in and as dark as can  be

dec01_chester.jpg (23893 bytes)
3 mths, showing nice dark ears and good coverage of the smut which is very dark

ellienov00.jpg (27535 bytes)
Ellie - 6 mths
july03_sonoma.jpg (22194 bytes)
Sonoma - 3 mths
  showing nice dark points all around, due to nice dark markings will get some smuttiness on  back of coat

himi points.jpg (32916 bytes)
view showing nice dark smut and foot pads with no hint of pink

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