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Cavy Club's 

Webrings We belong to

Personal Favorite  Caviaries 
breeders of Longhairs in our breeds and varieties 
also where Fort York Cavies now reside



Other Longhair Breeder Sites
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Caviaries Overseas

Anglagardens Marsvin: Sweden, Another Longhair fancier from around the globe, peruvians !!

Canny Cavies:UK Cavy Stud, also owner operator of the WInking Cavy store

Cavatina Marsvin: Sweden, Longhairs, coronets and Silkies, check out others around the globe 


Misc. Cavy SItes & Equipment 

Evans Software Service: Pedigree software, Breeders list this is the software we use to track our animals

Grandview Rabbitry - Ontario Based, cages and supplies for your rabbitry and caviary 

Online Pedigree Generator : A free online Pedigree Generator for your website or to email and print off 

PetDirectory : Largest Pet Directory on the Web

Pet Net:   Your looking for a certain pet go visit this place

Cavy Fancy Online - Breeder Directory and news on upcoming ACBA & ARBA Specialty SHows

Companion Animal Connection Center  - Links to many Cavy Breeders around the globe 

Klubertanz Equipment CO - Located in Wisconsin , small animal equipment and supplies 

Da Mars  Equipment Co - US stationed, Small animal equipment and supplies

KW Cages - Located in California, cages and small animal supplies

Woody's Wabbits -Located in Oregon , Cages and SUpplies for all small animals

No More Fleas - Located in Australia, they ship anywhere in the states, they sell Revolution at very reasonable prices, great for mite control

Oxbow Pet Products - Located in Murdock NE , Assortment of pet products

Kings Country Stud - Australia - Sheba Mini Yaks

Tamarr Stud - NZ - Sheba Mini Yaks

Peter Gurney's Cavy health Pages:
Visit Peter Gurney, lots of information on Cavy Health and diseases that affect your cavy, he is also author of some wonderful cavy books , these books can be found at Chapters and Petsmarts

Zenith Cavies Homepage - Breeding Rex, Silv...
This is a wonderful  site, some very nice pictures, great graphics for your webpage

Electronic Zoo. NetVet
Need answers on your cavies illness this is a great  site to find out the answer

The Winking Cavy Store: Looking for Cavy related Items, check no further(UK)


Misc. Pet Sites 


Sundarby Boxers: Gorgeous boxers, our next dog :)

Lazy K Cattery : Alta Canada, Lovely HImilayan Persians, 

American Bashkir Curly Horse Registry: Registry  for the Bashkir Curly Horse,
 this is truly one unique equine and this will be our next horse in the near future, we're beginning to get the itch *L*


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