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Reservation List

 Shipping and Sales info

Below are the cavies that are Pending Sale or all Sold !
Photo's and more updates shortly !!!
Cavy Reserved Buyer Pickup/ Ship Destination

mar04kathy_intrigue.jpg (27404 bytes)
Fort York Intrigue - Blue Roan Satin Peruvian Boar
(FY Monogram-Black  x FY Nahanni - Roan)

Fort York Orchid - Black/wht back feet Peruvian Sow 
(FY Bentley - Black x FY Amora - Black)

K. Edie KSJ Cavies

OCC COnvention Apr 3 /ACBA Specialty May 1

mar04sonjia_nightstar.jpg (25636 bytes)
Fort York NIghtstar
- Black PEr Jr Boar  
(BEntley x Cricket)
mar04sonjia_aquila.jpg (29183 bytes)
Fort York Aquila - Black Per Jr Sow 
FY Fantasy Gldn Agouti) x FY Talar - Black)

Fort York Nova - Black/Wht toe Int Per Sow
(FY Digby - Blk/Wht toe x FY Fantasy Gldn Agouti)
mar04sonjia_gambin1.jpg (23880 bytes)
Fort York Gambin REO Per Boar 
(FY Gannonque - Black  x FY Fantasy Gldn Agouti)
McCavy Clan Caviary
ACBA Specialty May 1
mar04opal_kentchester.jpg (32589 bytes)
Fort York Kentchester - Himi Per boar

mar04_olympusfrt.jpg (25445 bytes)
Fort York Olympus - Himi Per Boar

Leigh &  Jenna Ehrenkrantz ACBA Specialty May 1
mar04kim_harper1.jpg (23904 bytes)
Fort York Harper
- Blue Roan Peruvian Boar
(FY Gallagher- Roan x FY Napanee Black )
mar04kim_halfmoon.jpg (21850 bytes)
Fort York Half Moon - Himalayan Peruvian Boar
(FY Oakley - Himi x Halo's Dream Himi)
mar04kim_inez.jpg (23655 bytes)
Fort York Inez - Black Peruvian Sow 
(FY Vice - Black x FY Cober - Black)
K. Manley
 Manley Rabbits BC
Victoria BC

If interested in purchasing a Peruvian from us  please email us at  
for more information, 

March 16, 2004


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